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    Your life can change in an instant. How you respond in the wake of a criminal arrest can make all the difference. If you have been charged with a crime in Arizona, you are likely facing such devastating consequences, including incarceration, monetary fines, license suspension, and court-mandated education or treatment. Such penalties may even impact your employment and livelihood. Consulting with a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix immediately after an arrest may help ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

    Choosing an attorney is not easy. With countless criminal defense lawyers in the state of Arizona, how can you know who to call? What if you commit to paying a substantial consultation fee only to find that attorney just isn’t for you? At Attorney Net, we want to help. Our goal is to connect Arizona criminal defendants with participating criminal defense attorneys who offer free consultations for new clients. Connect with a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer today to schedule a free no-obligation consultation by completing our case review form above.

    Why Were You Arrested?

    If you have been charged with a crime in Arizona, chances are we have an attorney that can help. Some common examples are listed below:

    Drug Crimes:

    Defense against possession, use, paraphernalia, transport, sale, cultivation, and manufacturing of drugs in Arizona Violent Crimes: Defense against such violent crimes, including: assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, kidnapping, and more

    Property Crimes:

    Defense against a variety of property crimes including trespass, burglary, criminal destruction of property and arson.

    DUI / DWI:

    Defense against Arizona DUI and DWI charges including aggravated DUI, drug DUI and zero-tolerance DUI.

    The above is only a small subset of the crimes our attorneys defend against. If you have been arrested in Phoenix or the state of Arizona, complete the case review form above to receive a free consultation with a local attorney.

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    I am an experienced Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. Our firm has helped over 1,000 Arizona residents obtain relief under the bankruptcy code. We offer affordable payment plans that allow you to file now and pay later.

    Categories of Crimes With Which We Work

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    In addition to attorney referral, Attorney Net offers numerous resources for criminal defendants to utilize throughout the duration of their case. By completing the case review above, your questions will be forwarded directly to a participating Arizona criminal defense attorney. Most questions are answered within 24 hours. You may decide to request a free initial consultation to discuss your case further.

    AZ Criminal Defense Group also offers a directory of local Phoenix criminal defense attorneys so you may review a variety of attorneys in a single location. If you have previous retained a listed attorney, please consider leaving a review for others to see. If you have questions that require immediate answers, peruse our video library and criminal law blog. In addition, you may post new questions on our convenient Q&A page.

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