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If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Arizona, you already know that life can change in an instant. A criminal conviction can jeopardize your freedom, employment and even your livelihood. The steps you take immediately following an arrest may make all the difference. Fortunately you are not alone. AZ Criminal Defense Groupis a free consumer service that provides legal information and resources for those facing criminal charges in Arizona. We strive to provide criminal defendants with accurate information regarding Arizona law and connect these individuals with participating attorneys willing to review their case.

The first step in managing a criminal charge is to understand what you are facing. Understanding both the charges brought against you and the possible consequences is imperative to achieving the best possible outcome for your case. This is why we have compiled the following information on common criminal charges seen in Arizona. In addition to reviewing the information below, don’t hesitate to submit a case review form to contact a local criminal defense attorney in your region. Only a licensed criminal defense attorney can provide the accurate legal information you need to defend against your charges.

What were you charged with?

Our featured criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations for all new clients. This means you can review the facts surrounding your case, as well as any potential penalties, without committing to any fees or contracts. Let our participating attorneys provide you with peace of mind regarding your current criminal charges. For more information please fill out the case review form located here.